Valet Parking

Exceptional Service is Key


We offer exceptional personnel service and unparalleled customer service to enhance the branding of your properties. Our professionals at SPS will very closely work with you to devise a valet parking plan which will emphasize on the comfort of your guests, while also showcasing the elegance of your brand.

Team Players


The on-site team is always dedicated to work very closely with your organization. Members of the team are chosen based on their area of expertise, and we always select professionals related to your nature of business. Our executives coordinate with yours to make key designs and management decisions at the utmost confidence. All our activities are focussed on providing the best valet services that complement the promise your business makes to customers.

In this segment, our offerings include:

  • Personalized staffing plans – This ensures quality guest service and maximum protection
  • Dedicated asset managers – They ensure that all devised valet programs are carried out exactly as planned
  • Specialized training – Our team members on-site are well trained to be aware of the needs and requirements of your business
  • Resourceful valet methodology – Guests are returned their vehicles within five minutes of request
  • Finance reporting and revenue management – This helps us ensure absolute accuracy of the generated revenues
  • Service audits – To ensure accountability and quality service from our personnel
  • Claims management program – Our team takes care of unfortunate incidents and work to transform them in to affirmative relationships